Tips on protecting feet in summer

Question: What type of shoes should I wear with this hot weather?
Answer: To avoid toe and ankle injuries, make sure the shoe matches the activity. While working outside in the garden, wear protective shoe boot especially while mowing the lawn. Sandals should not be worn for outside games such as Frisbee or Volleyball. Avoid injuries at the beach by wearing water shoes or water sandals and be on the lookout for sea urchin spines, shells, and sharp coral at the ocean. Be cautious of jelly-fish, which may bite at the feet.


Question: My thick, yellow toe nails embarrass me and keep me from wearing sandals in the summer. Can I apply acrylic nail on them?
Answer: Thick yellowish, foul-smelling nails with white debris are known as onychomycosis. Several types of fungi cause this infection of the nail bed and plate. Fungi are everywhere and can be present for months before the find the opportunity to strike and the infection appears. The best way to prevent infection is to keep the feet dry and clean. Avoid tight stockings that promote moisture. At the pool, beach and colder rooms wear flip-flops or your aqua shoes. Do not use artificial acrylic nails causing the unhealthy moist environment, which promotes fungus. Treatment varies with the individual. Debridement of the nails, topical medication and the newer oral anti-fungal medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration are an effective treatment.


Question: Anything special I need to do for my feet during my vacation?

Give yourself plenty of time before breaking in new shoes. Avoid going barefoot and wear socks with your shoes to avoid blisters. Changes your shoes and socks daily giving your shoes a 24-hour time frame to completely dry out. If traveling by plane or car, flex your feet, wiggle your toes and unlace your shoes to avoid swelling. Keep your legs uncrossed and walk around when possible. Lastly, apply sunscreen to the top of the feet and ankles to avoid burns.

Podiatrist Olga Garcia Luepschen and the Gentle Foot Care Center can be found at 2 Ryant Blvd. in Sebring (on U.S. 27) or by calling 863-314-9255(WALK) and feel free to visit our website at


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