Don’t Let Foot Pain Ruin Your Holiday Shopping

christmasDon’t Let Foot Pain Ruin Your Holiday Shopping

christmas1It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Family and friends will be traveling near and far to be with loved ones. There will be lots of Christmas cheer while drinking, eating, laughing and Christmas shopping. From black Friday to Christmas day, shop til you drop can mean something completely different than what you’re used to. Standing in long lines and scurrying from store to store on those concrete floors can really take a toll on your feet. After a long day of shopping the muscles in your feet can become fatigued and tired causing arch and leg pain.

The reason this happens is because the arch area of the foot collapses and flattens out when you are walking or standing. So if you are not wearing appropriate shoes with good arch supports, you risk developing foot and leg pains which will surely dampen your Christmas cheer.

If you plan on shopping after work, be sure to take a comfortable pair of tennis shoes with you. If your tennis shoes are not very supportive, an easy thing to do is buy a good pair of over the counter arch supports and place them into your shoes. Many people like the feel of the gel inserts but they will not provide the support your feet need. At the gentle foot care center, we like to start people off with Powersteps which offers a light to medium stiffness in the arch which is stiff enough to support the arch but at the same time allowing the arch to collapse to an acceptable level.

There are many over the counter products available for arch supports and many of them will be adequate for your needs. When looking for a good pair of arch supports make sure they will fit into your shoes properly and that they are rigid enough to hold
your foot but not so rigid that it pushes up on your arch so much that it hurts.For many people, custom inserts may be the answer to help them alleviate their foot pain. If OTC inserts offer relief but you feel like you need more contour and support, a pair of inserts can be made that are custom molded to your foot. Getting casted for custom inserts can be done by your podiatrist right in the clinic. If you’d like to learn more, you make an appointment with your podiatrist to be evaluated.

Lastly, when you get home after shopping all day, take off your shoes and elevate your feet to help rest them.

Happy holidays from the staff at The Gentle Foot Care Center!
Dr. Olga Garcia Luepschen, Dr. Aden Huynh and the Gentle Foot Care Center are located on US 27. For more information visit or call 863-314-9255.


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