Do Your Feet Hurt After a Long Day of Work?

work shoesDo Your Feet Hurt After a Long Day of Work?

There are many jobs that require us to stand most of the day causing a tremendous amount of pressure to our feet. Changing your work can be challenging but making sure you have the proper  shoes on can help alleviate foot and back pain making your work a bit more tolerable. There are many different types shoes people wear to work every day ranging from sandals, tennis shoes, steel toed boots, high heels, flats and loafers to name a few.
All of these different types of shoes have their advantages and disadvantages. Women who wear high heels all day put an abnormally high amount of pressure on their forefoot resulting to pain and  discomfort. On the other hand, completely flat shoes are not recommended when standing on your feet all day as shoes that are too flat don’t provide adequate arch support, cushioning or shock absorption which those with flat feet need.

work shoes1When looking for a good work shoe, a few things to look for are shoes with a low heel, large toe box and good arch support. In some instances a perfect shoe that you like may not have all of these features but you can supplement this by purchasing a good pair of orthotics to slip into the shoe to give you more support.

For many women, wearing a sandal seems like a must. Sandals force your toes to constantly grip the sandal resulting in fatigue of the small muscles in your foot leading to pain and soreness. If you  refuse to give up wearing sandals, there are few brands to consider such as vionic which have good arch support built into the sandal.

  • While you are out and about shopping for shoes, here are a few things to consider while you are searching.
  • Have your feet measured while you are standing and always buy the larger foot size as both feet typically are not the exact same length.
  • Try on both shoes and walk around the store for a bit to make sure they are comfortable to you. Try on shoes later in the day with socks on as your feet tend to swell as the day goes on. If you wear orthotics, take them with you to ensure they will fit in the shoe comfortably.
  • Select a shoe with a stiff heel counter, appropriate cushioning, and flexibility at the ball of the foot.Your podiatrist can perform a quick evaluation of your foot type and discuss what type of shoes may be right for you.

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