Getting the most our of your doctors appointment.

frontdeskGetting the most out of your doctors appointment.

Congratulations. If you reading this you are either already a patient or well on your way to becoming one.

Office visits can be stressful to everyone, but if you are prepared, the stress gets checked at the door. First let’s start with your appointment. Each patients visit is allotted a set amount of time which the doctor has determined through years of experience of helping hundreds of patients. If you need to be seen for more than a minor visit, be sure to let the receptionist know. Patients often make an appointment for one issue but then want to be seen for numerous issues once inside the exam room. While this seems like nothing at first glance, think of how fast the doctor will get behind if just four visits run over 30 minutes. That’s two hours behind schedule and a LOT of unhappy patients who won’t be feeling so patient in the waiting room.

Next, remember to come early. Allow yourself approximately 15-25 minutes to fill out your paper work, verify your identification and take care of your financial responsibility. Also, don’t forget, most of us always seem to use the bathroom even though we just used it at home! To expedite your arrival, you may also log onto and download the appropriate forms and fill them out in the comfort of your home. This makes life easier and less stressful once your appointment day arrives.

Take a moment in your spare time and make a list of all your medications and dosages, medical procedures and dates, allergies and any other pertinent information. It’s very easy to forget important information when you are being seen about something else.

Lastly, come with a list. Ask yourself “why am I here”. Write down what is bothering you, what are the symptoms and how long it has been affecting you. If you are like most patients, as soon as you get in that exam room you forget all the answers to the doctors questions and as soon as you walk out the door youwish you had mentioned something else.

We hope this has helped you and look forward to many years of being part of your healthy lifestyle.
Dr. Olga Garcia Luepschen and the Gentle Foot Care Center are located on US 27. For more information give us a call at 863-314-9255 or visit


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