Say goodbye to unsightly nails in 2013!


Do your thick, broken, ugly nails embarrass you?  Has fungus damaged your nails?  Over 6 million Americans suffer from toenail fungus and the number continues to grow more every year.  There are several treatment options for nail fungus including regular medical nail debridement, topical medications, oral medications, and laser treatment.   Unfortunately, these treatments for nail fungus do not make the nails instantly beautiful.  It will take time for the new, clear nail to grow out.


Fortunately, for nails damaged by fungus or trauma, Keryflex is the perfect painless

procedure when a person does not want to hide their toes any longer.  The system, which is new in the United States and approved for use only by podiatrists, has been used in Europe for over 9 years.


The process uses a polymer resin, special activators to create a durable, yet flexible nail when exposed to a certain frequency of ultraviolet light. First, the damaged nail bed is painlessly removed. Next, the nail is restored by applying a bonding agent to help the nail attach to the remnant of your natural nail.  The KeryFlex™ resin is hardened using a special ultraviolet light for two minutes.


Unlike unhealthy, acrylic nails which further damage the pink nail bed providing a haven for fungus,  Keryflex will maintain the appearance of the nail while it helps to move the fungus off of the nail. It also helps to keep the fungus contained and limits spreading of the fungus onto the skin around the nail as well as other nails. The nail typically lasts 3-4 months, and is not affected by acetone, nail polish or detergents.  After the procedure, you can immediately return to day-to-day activities, get a pedicure, or apply nail polish and start showing off those new pretty nails.  This year let’s show off your feet!


At the Gentle Foot Care Center we are trained in a new technique that improves the appearance of nails damaged by fungus and other conditions. Contact Dr. Olga Garcia Luepschen at Gentle Foot Care Center  863-314-9255 for new beautiful nails.




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