Find Foot Pain Relief by Visiting a Podiatrist

by: Nick Messe

 Nearly everyone has at some point experienced the discomfort and pain of aching feet. Generally, this is not a condition that requires treatment, and can easily be addressed by soaking the feet or simply resting them. When more serious conditions begin to be more than bothersome however, it is time to seek professional care in the way of a qualified specialist, namely a podiatrist.
A podiatrist is a physician who is licensed and specially trained in treating ailments and afflictions of the feet, ankles and lower portion of the legs. He or she can diagnose and treat these conditions and typically is qualified to perform surgery as well. When the patient has developed certain conditions that are not being relieved by home treatments and remedies, the practice of podiatry is there to help.

There are many ailments affecting the feet which can make life uncomfortable or even be debilitating if not properly treated. From minor ailments to major dysfunctions, the podiatrist is trained to recognize the cause and help find a cure. Most commonly seen are bunions and corns. These are typically minor problems, however if left untreated they can escalate into a more complicated issue, causing pain and inflammation.

A plantar wart of the feet is generally caused by a virus which enters through a break in the skin. If left untreated, the wart can harden and make it difficult to walk. A podiatrist can treat this and prescribe medications that will help to soften and eventually remove these warts. In less common instances, laser surgery to remove the wart might be indicated.

Podiatrists treat ingrown toenails that affect all age groups. Treatment of an infected nail is generally painless and easily rectified by the foot doctor. A fungal infection of the toenail is another common condition that podiatrists are seen for.

Inflammation of the ankle or heel is frequently diagnosed by a podiatrist as being tendinitis. This condition is often seen in runners or those who participate in sports which require standing or walking for long periods of time. The area of the foot that tendinitis generally affects is the Achilles tendon.

Another painful condition which brings patients to the podiatrist’s office is a heel spur. This is when an overgrowth of bony substance settles at the base of the heel bone, making it difficult to walk. A podiatrist can usually diagnose this through a simple x-ray. This can be treated by a cortisone injection, but typically the physician will prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication to treat this.

A common occurrence for children and adults alike, sometimes requiring a visit to the podiatrist, is a sprained ankle. While this injury can usually be treated at home without the need for a doctor, occasionally the sprain might result in torn ligaments. This will typically require further treatment, and the podiatrist can recommend a course of action, such as compression and ice, or painkillers if warranted.

Foot pain is nothing to be taken lightly, as it can interfere with daily activities and work duties. When discomfort or pain cannot be resolved by home treatment, a podiatrist can help. Finding a qualified specialist is as simple as contacting the American Podiatric Medical Association, asking for a reference from a primary care physician, or searching the internet.


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