Elliptical Machines: Why They’re Superior

By: Sean Patrick


Published: October 24, 2009

While many skeptics are under the impression that elliptical machines are a fad – they actually serve as the most popular piece of equipment in most gyms. Ellipticals have proven to give workouts superior to the competition and as a result are making a push out of the gyms and into the homes.

Ellipticals work the whole body. The more current model of elliptical machines give a lower and upper body workout that is unparalleled by any other type of machine. Elliptical machines offer rotation and simultaneous movement between the arms and legs. While giving a full body workout, this motion also increases coordination and balance. Also, since the arms and legs share the workout, elliptical machines can heal the muscular imbalances that many middle aged individuals suffer from.

They build true cardiovascular endurance. Most exercise machines work primarily the lower body. This can result in uneven training and a “false” sense of cardiovascular endurance, because the upper body is relatively weak and under-trained, when compared to the legs. Elliptical machines solve this problem by distributing the resistance between the upper and lower body, which results in a truly optimal cardiovascular workout-and true muscular endurance throughout the entire body.

They’re easy on the joints. Elliptical machines offer a unique full body oval motion that is parallel to the natural full range motion of the hip and knee joints. This unique natural movement eliminates the total impact that is caused by activities such as walking or running, while building up the joints and providing the strength and endurance building that users are seeking when using elliptical machines.

Elliptical Machines are easy on the mind. Many machines make it hard to focus on other activities while completing your workout. For example: with a treadmill, reading a book feels next to impossible, and watching TV feels dangerous because of risk of falling. With an elliptical, you could read a book, listen to music, or watch TV, all while feeling safe from sudden harmful situations. These are just some of the things that make elliptical machines superior to the competition.


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