Even Floridians Should Winterize Their Feet

floridians winterize feet enewsletterEven Floridians Should Winterize Their Feet

December 21st officially marked the 1st day of winter. As the rest of the country experienced snow and cold weather, we Floridians experienced another warm day in paradise. In Central Florida, our temperatures can vary from a low of 30’s to a high of 70’s within a week. Even though our winters are generally warm we should learn basic winterizing foot care.

On cooler days, protect your feet from the cold with a warm pair of socks. There is no need to double up. This just causes pressure in your shoes leading to blisters. Just pick a pair of socks that has a wool blend. Avoid 100% cotton which traps moisture.

Beware of warmers to the feet which are placed in the socks or the shoes/boots. The added heat could cause a burn to the skin. Diabetics and people with neuropathy (damaged nerves in the hands or feet) may not realize they are developing a burn on their skin. Likewise, a hot basin of water or hot showers can cause burns to the feet as well. Check the water temperature with your elbows before stepping in. Do not place a space heater by the end of your bed or right by your feet on a chilly night. We have treated patients at our local Highlands County wound care center who burned their feet sleeping with space heaters on cold Florida nights.

Although Floridians are used to flip-flops throughout the year consider a comfortable sneaker or shoe with a rounded toe box for cooler days. Any shoe should have at least a thumbnail length space at the toe area. The cheap knock-off UGG boots the teenage girls immediately pull out when the temperature dips before 70 degrees typically have no arch support and can lead to arch pain such as plantar fasciitis. Parents should consider placing an over the counter shoe insert inside the boots for arch stability.

The decreased moisture in the winter air drys our skin so drink plenty of healthy fluids such as water. Avoid caffeinated drinks which are dehydrating. Apply lotion to your feet nightly. For very dry skin use a urea based moisturizer.

floridians winterize feet enewsletter1If your feet are cold on a regular basis regardless of the temperature you may have a problem with your circulation. Damage to the arteries called peripheral artery disease (PAD) may be one reason you are having cold feet. Blue or purplish color changes on the tip of your toes or fingers maybe a sign of Raynaud’s phenomenon which is a narrowing of the arteries. Poor circulation can lead to long-term non-healing sores on feet and eventually amputation of a toe. If you believe you have PAD,your podiatrist can diagnose this and obtain the medical care you require.

This winter remember to keep your tootsies warm and protected. If your tootsies are cold and aching, Dr. Olga Garcia Luepschen and Gentle Foot Care Center are able to help you.  

floridians winterize feet enewsletter2A smart and safe option for cold nights is the Thermoskin ankle/foot gauntlet which naturally warms the foot. The Trioxon lining increases surface skin and subcutaneous skin temperature 2-3 degree F.





Dr. Olga Garcia Luepschen and the Gentle Foot Foot Care Center are located on U.S. 27. If youhave any questions call (863)-314-9255 or go to www.gentlefootcarecenter.com

floridians winterize feet enewsletter3


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