What Causes Smelly, Sweaty Feet And What Can You Do About It?

by: Eamon Greville

For sufferers, smelly and sweaty feet the experience can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable. However, rest assured; there are a number of measures that can be taken to assist with this condition.

* Causes
The primary cause is one of an over abundance of foot perspiration and bacteria. The rate of sweat production is greatly affected by a wide range of emotions such as fear, nervousness, falling in love, and performance anxiety, be it sexual or work related stress.

Drinking lots of water, exercising intensively, working at a physically demanding job, or wearing tight fitting shoes or shoes made of non breathable materials for extended periods of time can also cause your feet to sweat.

Some people have a genetic disposition to foot odor and wetness, which tends to run in families. Other causative factors include drugs and hormonal factors.

The cause of the foot smell is the foot sweating as it is trapped inside footwear. These two factors together with the interaction with bacteria actually produce the unpleasant smell.

* Symptoms
When moisture and bacteria come together inside a pair of shoes, they can produce such an overwhelming stench that the poor sufferer will avoid social circumstances and even shopping for new shoes. Excessive perspiration will cause destruction of footwear as the stitching, construction materials, and padding breakdown prematurely from the constant pressure and moisture within.

Foot odor is unique and next to alcoholic breath may be the most distinctive scent in the office setting. For this reason alone effective treatment is a must.

* Treatment
You certainly know when your feet stink, unless you suffer from odor perception deficit. There are some people who actually can’t discern a sweet fragrance from stink and some who become so used to the way that their feet smell that they no longer notice the unpleasantness, but everyone around them does.

Hopefully, if you suffer from this smelly affliction you will try some of the following remedies to fix this distressful, air-fouling problem.

* Prevention
Follow these tips for fresh feet.

• First and foremost, wash and dry your feet once or twice daily. Proper hygiene is imperative.

• Alternate shoes each day to allow for a 24 hour dry out period between wearings

• Sprinkle baking soda into your shoes after you take them off for the evening to help absorb moisture and odor.

• If you find yourself prone to foot odor, avoid strong foods such as garlic, onions, certain cheeses, black pepper, and eggs.

• Make sure hose, shoes and socks are made of natural fibres, fit properly and allow your feet to breath.

• Change your socks or hosiery twice a day if necessary and reapply powder to keep feet dry and prevent soggy skin.

• Increase your intake of chlorophyll. Spirulina, parsley, and green drinks are high in vitamin A and chlorophyll which is a known internal odor fighter.

Smelly, Sweaty feet can cause a great deal of embarrassment, but the above are just a few of the many measures that you can adopt to treat and prevent its occurrence.

Podiatrist Olga Garcia Luepschen and the Gentle Foot Care Center can be found at 2 Ryant Blvd. in Sebring(on U.S. 27) or by calling 863-314-9255(WALK) and feel free to visit our website at www.GentleFootCareCenter.com


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