Don’t flip-flop ’til you drop

Don’t flip-flop ’til you drop

Now that summertime is here, many people will be wearing flip-flops almost exclusively. Sadly, wearing flip-flops as your main shoe gear everyday may eventually lead to foot problems. They are actually best suited for the beach, pool, spa, gym or public showers.

You may be wondering why exactly are flip flops bad for you. They expose your feet to fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Tinea Pedis known as athlete’s foot is a contagious itchy fungus. Because walking in flip-flops is almost like walking around barefoot, bacterial infections can occur when there is a cut on the skin. Even open irritated skin from a pedicure can lead to a Staphylococcus bacteria infection. Stepping on a splinter or a pricklier opens the door to human papillomavirus known as wart virus.
Next time you walk in flip flops pay attention to your toes. The toes are working extra hard gripping to keep those flip flops on your feet. This can lead to buckled toes called hammertoes. Bunions, those painful large bumps on the side of your big toes also get aggravated. Do you have flat feet? You especially need arch support which theses sandals do not offer. How about heel pain/plantar fasciitis, pinched nerves in the ball of your foot or Achilles tendinitis. All of these conditions can be aggravated by wearing poor flat, shoe gear. This goes for all ages.
If you are outside doing yard work put on sturdy shoes so that the weed wacker doesn’t wack off your little toe. The same goes for playing sports. Flip flops were never intended for running, kicking, or biking. People wearing flip flops during these activities are more apt to an injury.

Still not ready to throw away those flip flops? Instead invest in a good pair of flip flops that have a firm yet flexible midsole, contoured arch and a deep heel cup. Bend them to check if they fold in half. If they do throw them away. Pick a pair made of high-quality leather which minimizes skin irritation such as blisters. Are they cheap plastic? Trash them. Plastic straps may have latex which causes a rash in some people.

newsletter June 2015
Check for the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval. newsletter June 2015_1
When in doubt throw the cheap ones out.

Dr. Olga Garcia Luepschen and the Gentle Foot Care Center are located on US 27. For more information visit or call 863-314-9255





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