Healing your Cracked Heels


By: Yvonne Brixey Published: February 19, 2012

Cracked heels can be the absolute worse! I know that my girlfriend has had her heels crack because of dry skin before. When you are walking around in your nice new shoes, and you are showing off your beautiful new heels, it is a shame when people can see your heels starting to crack from dry skin. Cracked heels can come out of nowhere. I was walking along with my girlfriend and she seemed to be having some sort of issues with her feet. I couldn’t fully understand what it was until I realized she had cracked heels. It is probably more common to have cracked heels in the winter when it is so dry.

Dry skin can be killer no matter where it is on your body, but on your feet and on your heels, dry skin can be more than annoying. It can be painful. So how can we prevent from getting cracked heels? What causes our feet to get such dry skin? Well, there are a few things that will help prevent dry skin in your feet.

The first and biggest thing that one can do for dry skin is having lotion. You will want to put lotion on your feet and heels to prevent getting cracked heels. Lotion can prevent dry skin by giving it some moisture. If you have extremely bad dry skin that is always red and flaky, it would probably be smartest to go to the Dr and find a prescribed lotion for bad cases of dry skin. Most people don’t get cracked heels very often, so if you find yourself with a cracked heel all the time, it is time to get some lotion and find a Dr. The Dr will know what lotion will work best for you. You might need to get more medical grade lotion for your feet and heels if the dry skin isn’t going away with the nice smelling regular stuff.

Cracked heels can also be prevented by what type of shoe you wear. You don’t want a shoe that will give you dry skin. The best thing you can do when your feet and heels are getting dry skin is to get a closed toe shoe that keeps in the moisture. This sounds kind of gross but it helps the cracked heels. The best way for your skin to heal, is to put the lotion on and then put your feet into your closed toe shoes. This will keep the moisture in your skin and help prevent and heal the dry skin on your feet.

One more thing you will want to remember to help prevent dry skin. Apply lotion to your feet and heels every time you get out of the shower or are done swimming. Going from wet to dry can cause cracked heels. So, after you are out of the water, apply moisture to your feet and heels so that your skin doesn’t have time to dry and then crack. Cracked heels are awful, but if you do these things it will help your feet tremendously.


Preventing Dry Skin

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