Taking the right steps for PAD month

padmonth1Taking the right steps for PAD month

Do you get discomfort in your legs and need to rest while grocery shopping at Walmart trying to keep up with your spouse? Do you get discomfort in your legs lying in bed or have discoloration of your toes and feet? Do you have a slow healing wound? Well, you may be suffering from something called Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). Peripheral arterial disease is a common
circulatory problem in which narrowed or blocked arteries reduce blood flow to your limbs.

Treatment for PAD is typically started with quitting smoking, a healthy diet and exercising. Walking can make a big difference for patients with PAD. Creating a walking program is one of the simplest and best treatments for reducing leg pain and cramping. Some benefits from a regular walking program are helping to control blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, body weight, improve muscle tone and decrease your chances of having a stroke. A walking program can consist of walking 3-5 times per week starting with 20-30 min and gradually reaching 60 minutes over several months. It is okay to stop and rest if your legs hurt initially. Do not be discouraged, just rest until the pain subsides and continue walking until you need to rest again. Your endurance will hopefully increase as you progress further in your walking program. To start a structured walking program, you should speak to a medical professional that is familiar with PAD to discuss a schedule to fit you and your needs.

padmonth2A simple non-invasive arterial test can also be performed to detect blockages in arteries and quality of blood flow using segmental blood pressure measurements. The test is performed in the office and is quick and painless.

Don’t just assume aging is the reason you are not able to walk without pain. There are various treatments for mild, moderate and severe peripheral arterial disease. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in your feet and legs, please schedule an appointment with Drs. Huynh or Luepschen today to be evaluated.
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