Back to School: What Teachers Can Do About Foot Pain

teacher-foot-painBack to School: What Teachers Can Do About Foot Pain

The school year is well on its way. Most people don’t think about our poor teachers and how demanding their job is on their feet. From standing for prolonged periods of time while teaching a class to chasing students around at recess keeping them safe, teachers put a lot of stress on their feet every day. There is a good chance you probably won’t be able to shorten your workday but there are a few things you can try to prevent some foot pain. Things such as prolonged standing, standing on hard
surfaces, swelling in your feet and legs and non-supportive shoes can cause your feet to hurt.

Now that you know what to try and avoid, here’s a few things you can do at work to help minimize discomfort to your feet. When your job requires you stand for extended periods of time, try to sit and relax whenever you can. Use your breaks to really
relax. Even a few minutes off your feet can go a long way to alleviating foot pain. If you experience a lot of swelling in your feet and legs, keep your feet elevated during your breaks or try wearing compression socks. Elevation of your feet and compression
socks can help with circulation.

teacher-foot-pain1When shoe shopping for a job that requires a lot standing, the types of shoes to avoid are pointy high-heels, narrow or poorly fitted shoes, shoes without support and shoes that you need to grip such as sandals. Wearing sensible comfortable shoes is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent foot pain. If you are having a hard time finding the perfect shoe, a good
pair of supportive inserts can often be used to offset some of the support a shoe may be lacking.

The Gentle Foot Care Center appreciates all our local teachers and give them an A+ for their service to Highlands County.

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