Back to school footwear

Back to school footwear

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Parents all over are celebrating the fact that their children are returning back to the school house. They are busy with open houses and back to school shopping. Typically back to school supplies include paper, notebooks, crayons, backpacks and clothes. Many times shoes are barely given a second thought. Other times, kids may pester their parents for an overpriced shoe based strictly on what is the popular fashion trend at the moment. Fortunately, good, comfortable, stylish shoes can be found without wiping out the back to school budget.
This school year choose shoes with the following in mind:

  • Pick natural material uppers such as leather which allow the feet to breath. This decreases
    the chance of fungus/athletes foot which love living in sweaty, dark areas like the toe box in
    your child’s shoes. Plus this decreases the chance of stinky feet.
  • Look and feel inside the shoe for seams or stitching that pinch or rub leading to blisters and
  • Avoid the temptation to buy shoes a whole size larger. Make sure the toe box has enough
    room. You should be able to place a finger width’s space between the longest toe and the end
    of the shoe (about a 1/2inch).
  • Measure both feet since shoe sizes can change with growth spurts. Buy shoes for the larger
    fitting foot. When trying on shoes have your child stand and walk around including the socks
    they would normally wear with that shoe. Shop towards then end of the day when feet swell
    and are their largest.
  • The back of the shoe (heel counter) should fit snugly and not slip.
  • If at first the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t buy it. It should be comfortable from the get go. Avoid
    expecting a shoe to stretch or break it in.
  • For young kids chose velcro or lace-ups that feel secure.
  • Choose sneakers with plenty of tread,offering traction for PE class.
  • If your child needs arch supports pick child specific inserts such as Power kids power steps.
    kids3For the college student, heel pain and shin splints can dampen their freshmen year when walking long distances across campus in flimsy shoes.
    Buy a pair of flip-flops from the dollar store for showering in dorm room community bathrooms.kid4kid5

    If your child complains about of tired legs, flatfeet, night pains or cramping have their feet
    checked by your local podiatrist. Moms follow your instincts since you are the one who usually
    first notices toe walking and irregular shoe wear.
    Dr. Olga and the Gentle Foot Care Center wish you a great school year and hope you start off
    with your best foot forward.

    Dr. Olga Garcia Luepschen and the Gentle Foot Foot Care Center are located on U.S. 27. If you
    have any questions about foot problems call (863)-314-9255 or go to


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