How Do I Treat My Sweating Feet

How Do I Treat My Sweating Feet
by: Lynsey Carter

 feet-shackles If you suffer from excessively sweating feet, it may be a problem that is medically known as plantar/palmar hyperhidrosis. This condition can pose some very serious problems on the person that is affected. Your shoes may well be ruined. Your sandals or thongs may not be able to be worn. Foot odor, and fungal infections, could become a very serious problem. And your sweating feet can also lead to some other intimate problems and concerns. These concerns may include situations such as potential marriage problems, and even personal difficulties in your workplace. It is really a problem that can take command of your life, and lifestyle, and has the potential to make you feel extremely miserable and might even lead to developing depression.

About Sweating Feet

Sweating feet happen when there is excessive perspiration on the sole of your foot and between your toes. It is actually, a very common problem in our society. Some causes of sweating feet can be related to perhaps any mental stress or nervousness, especially in young teens and adolescents, with their rampant hormones, and young adults, making the change from child to adult.
However systemic disease such as anemia and hyperthyroidism could also be associated with your sweaty feet problem.


Although a foot sweating problem could be incredibly damaging to your self esteem and your self confidence, it is very important to know that there is targeted treatment available, and you can get help for your problem. You need never feel helpless, alone, or feel as though there is never going to be a solution for your sweating feet problem. This message is totally not true.
If it does come down to your treatment, you should decide to try the available simpler methods first. There are a large amount of fresh new cost-effective treatments available. And then, if those treatments don’t work, then try the more serious treatment if you need to.
Your excessive foot perspiration can be improved by doing a few simple and easy things, including;
* soaking your feet in warm water, try salt water or homeopathic scented water;
* wear absorbent socks or hose;
* make sure your socks etc, are natural garments – cotton, hemp, wool etc;
* avoid wearing any synthetics at all, such as nylon or rayon;
* change socks, or hose, several times during the day;
* wear leather shoes or sandals (or other footwear);
* and avoid any man-made synthetics;

* and use a good quality, absorbent foot powder.

But, if nothing on this list seems to work or makes an improvement in your condition, you may need to find a more serious method of treatment. Don’t stop any trial from the above list that you may try using in your treatment, as it may take you several weeks for your condition to improve. Set yourself a realistic time frame to trial each treatment, go the distance, and then try another treatment. Try only one treatment at a time so that you can determine the effectiveness of each method, and if or when you have finished your selection of treatments and you may not have achieved your desired results, then try some combination of treatments.
But do try to keep a record of your treatments, write them down somewhere safe and private, include the time frame you conducted the treatment over (either days or weeks), the results you received from each of the treatments, and how comfortable or easy the treatment was within your life or lifestyle. It may be poignant to note also how the treatment affected those around you, your family, friend, even your work colleagues.

Professional Treatment

In the most stubborn of cases, you may need to be treated by a professional podiatrist. They will most likely recommend that you use some form of prescription medication, but you may wish to think through this course of action if all of the other methods of your own treatments have failed.
If you do not have a podiatrist, you may probably need to be referred to one from your own qualified medical doctor. But should your excessively sweating feet condition continue, then you will definitely need to find yourself one. Podiatrists are qualified medical practitioners who treat and/or diagnose disorders related to the human foot or leg. They should be able to recognize any systemic disease that you may have, by it’s manifestation in the foot. They are the specific medical professionals that you will need to seek out if you have a foot sweating problem that is not responding to your prior treatments.
If you are using any form of prescription antiperspirant, be sure to wash it off after 8 hours. If this medication is left on too long, it could cause your skin to become red, swollen and itchy.

As with any self-diagnosis, please use a well informed approach that you are sure is safe to do, if you have any concerns or insecurities about any treatments, ointment, powders, or clothing, always air on the side of caution with regard to your own safety. Do not put yourself at risk for the sake of saving a few bucks.

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